Product Introduction
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    Lenses Cut Harmful Rays
    高性能レンズ イージスの盾 高性能レンズ イージスの盾
    The harmful rays that affect the eyes are ultraviolet rays, blue lights, and oxidized rays. Among them, according to research the effect of oxidized rays are intense light reaching the retina of the eye.
    Visible light transmittance 85% or more (clear)
    Cut 99% or more of ultraviolet rays up to ~ 400 nm
    38% or more cut from blue light 380 to 500 ※
    Cut 90% or more of oxidized rays 400 ~ 420 ㎚
    ※The blue light cut ratio is expressed in the calculation formula based on the Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS T - 7333)
    Effects of Harmful Rays


    blue light

    oxidized light ray
    The eyes are protected by the lutein which is present in the cr ystalline lens and the macular region of the eyes.
    This lutein cannot be produced in the body, and when excessive exposure to harmful light rays such as ultraviolet rays, blue light, oxidized light rays, and oxidative stress due to aging, lutein decreases, various diseas es such as visual acuity reduction and eye diseases.
    GODEYE lenses do the vital role to prevents it
    Ultraviolet blue light oxidized light ray
    The sun emits three different types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA rays and UVB rays reach the earth surface.
    As it passes through the window glass, it alsoenters the house.
    <Effects of ultraviolet rays>
    Skin aging, spots/freckles, skin cancer and causes of eye diseases such as cataracts.
    Exposure of eyes in ultraviolet rays can also have effects and can damage your skin.
    Blue Light Rays
    Visible light with strong energy emitted from the LED display and LED lighting.
    <Effect of Blue Light>
    Damage to the retina, fatigue of the eyes and eye pain, stiff neck due to it, sleep disorder etc.
    Oxidized rays
    (HEV=High Energy Visible Light)
    Among the light that human eyes can be seen, the purple light has a negative effect.
    <Effects of Oxidized Rays>>
    It reaches the retina and causes oxidative stress.
    Decrease lutein (pigment) that present in “macular part" has an important role in visual things.
    It is a kind of natural pigment, also known as "natural sunglas ses", that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays and blue lig hts.
    It characterized by having a strong antioxidant effect, which is an essential health ingredient such as preventing cell aging
    It both affects the contrast sensitivity and the response speed of capturing things.
    However, lutein decreases production while aging.
    It is also important to protect regularly as you only have to get it from pre-cooked foods (green and yellow vegetables, etc.) supplements in order to produce it.
    Advantage of Lens
    Although the human eye inevitably weakens due to the aging proc ess.
    There is research data that shows how harmful rays help to accelerate this.
    Since this lens cut off harmful light rays, it reduces the aging of the eye and
    at the same time
    It can also reduce fatigue and pain.※1
    In addition, most of the lenses that cut off harmful light rays contain color,
    but because this lens is more transparent, it is one of the major features
    not to impair the color of the thing you are seeing. ※2

    ※ 1 There is a difference according to each individual.
    ※ 2 Optical grade is not included in the lens.
    Amazingand Impressive Frame Design
    " More comfortable game "
    Frame design
    Integrated with various gaming devices such as a mouse, keyboard, headset etc.
    Design with a sense of three-dimensional fit for a gaming device.
    With a single press of the button, the temple automatically opens, and it shifts to a headset mode.
    The structure of shifting the temple to headset mode is amazing and impressive design.

    ※The temple opens in a fixed angle.
    Commitment to wearing
    When gamers wearing headsets, the pressure of eyeglasses occurs.
    I thought about eliminating such discomfort and pain by removing the gap when the headset and glasses interfere,
    The Idea of taking off the headset and use only the eyeglass.
    Taking off the headset eliminates discomfort, pain, and gaps
    The upper row hangs over the ear pad of the headset, the lower will be the auxiliary.
    And when you are tired of the headset and still want to play put the top of the temple and the bottom with your fingers, you can shift to normal type and put to your ears and plays the role of protecting eyes without worrying about the wearing style.
    Main Feature of the Frame
    "More comfortable game experience"
    Frames defend your eyes against harmful rays(protect your eyes from damage)、A frame that eliminate stress because of its compatibility of headset and eye glasses, frames transform from normal mode to headset mode.
    Also design to make daily game more comfortable.
    GODEYE exclusive case
    Case designed that fits even the temple is folded or either normal mode and headset mode.
    Also, on the back of the case has become a key ring of the triangle type which imaged the logo、you can use it to hook on backpack, use as a key holder, carabiner etc.
    15 cm. x 15 cm. cleaning cloth included
    From Developers
    More comfortable game

    Gamers who are constantly practice for the game event
    A person who can play only within a limited time. People who de liver the game. A person who has
    passion on online.

    Better game can be done if the game can be convenient.
    If you know someone who is a gamer and you care for them, supp ort them by introducing
    GODEYE most advanced revolutionary protection technology which gamers truly benefits because
    of its features and functionality.
    Protect your eyes from harmful rays

    Fire Red

    Lotus Black

    Lotus White

    『GODEYE』Available in 4 Colors 〈Patent pending〉
    Blue light cut rate 38% /HEV cut rate 90%/ Over / UV cut rate m ore than 99%.
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