September 20, 2018 Released!!!
Available in 4 Colors〈Copyright〉
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It is an eye glass that Gamers are looking for
The edge-effective design suitable for the world of gaming.
It is also has a high-performance lens with a higher and stronger durability and the biggest feature of GODEYE, constructed frame design that can automatically shift into a headset mode with one press of a button.Which helps it eliminate the compression of the temple for a much more stylish and sleeker design.
It is the birth of the most advanced, strongest and revolutionary protection technology when it comes to gaming eyewear.
Lenses cut harmful ray
Eyes are protected by the lutein which is present in the Lens.
Lutein cannot produced by the body, excessive exposure to harmful light rays such as ultraviolet rays, blue light, oxidized light rays and oxidative stress cause of aging lutein decrease, various effects such as visual acuity and eyes disease
To prevent it, the lens of GODEYE plays an important role
Amazing and Impressive Frame Design
Design that perfectly fits combined with various gaming devices such as mouse, keyboard, headset
With a single press of the button, the temple automatically opens, and it shifts to a head set/hands free mode.
By wearing eyeglasses on the headset, we eliminate the gaps, discomfort and pain caused by eyeglasses.
From Developers
More comfortable game
Gamers who are constantly practice for the game event
A person who can play only within a limited time. People who de liver the
game. A person who has passion on online.
Better game can be done if the game can be convenient.
If you know someone who is a gamer and you care for them, supp ort
them by introducing GODEYE most advanced revolutionary protecti on
technology which gamers truly benefits
because of its features and functionality.
Protect your eyes from harmful rays

  • Fire Red

  • Lotus Black

  • Lotus White

  • Conjuring
『GODEYE』Available in 4 Colors〈Copyright〉
Blue light cut rate 38% /HEV cut rate 90%/ Over / UV cut rate m ore than 99%.
Company name
Kazu Planning
Senior Managing Director Atsuhiro Sawada
〒910-0856 Fukui Ken Fukui Shi Katsumi 2-7-7